Do It Yourself

Our complete DIY kit includes a solar panel, charge controller, cables and the plug. The rest is up to your imagination!  We’ve had customers make trailers, burning man kits, cargo-box bikes and more. What will you build?


Road Tested

Our kits have been tested for thousands of miles and can be integrated into a variety of projects. Let us know what you are thinking and we can help guide you!


Pedegos are our specialty

Our DIY kit works with a variety of different electric vehicles, but was specifically designed for use on the Pedego 48v battery system.  You can even charge and ride at the same time!

Semi Flexible Solar Panel.jpg
XLR Black with Plug.png
Charge Controller Top View.png

Solar Panel

  • 120w 21.2 x 46.3” 7 lbs

  • 100w 21.2 x 41" 5 lbs

  • Semi-Flexible

  • Grommet mounting holes

  • MC4 Connectors

  • High efficiency SunPower Cells



  • Customizable to your system

  • XLR, 2.5 x 5.5, and many more


Charge Controller

  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

  • Battery and solar panel tuned to work together for the best possible energy, no matter the conditions

  • Overcurrent, reverse polarity and state of charge protection built in

  • Custom tuned to your battery’s needs

  • 5.5” x 2.5” x 1.25”



  • 120w  $599

  • 100w  $549